Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Out and About

Ahh... I'm back.

Sort of.

Still taking a little bit of time off. I've got a few submissions out, a few agent queries floating around, and my brain's a bit fried, what with Christmas shopping and in-law birthdays (three days between mom and dad in law, yikes...)

So far, so good - no one's had much to complain about in my last few posts (taps on screen) Hello? Anyone there?

Things have a been hectic in my little world. My better half was in the hospital this morning for shoulder surgery, so he's pretty much useless right now. And I mean that in the nicest way. He tore his rotator cuff (doing what, only God knows), so he had to have it cleaned up. Ick. Needless to say, he's on the sofa right now, sound asleep and happy on Tylenol#3. Well, about as happy as you can be on that. Personally, it's not my painkiller of choice, simply because it doesn't seem to do much more than Tylenol, so what's the point? (Segue here) It's like when I had my daughter way back when. I used a midwife (which turned out to be a bit of a mistake, really. Ain't hindsight grand?). I had an emergency C-section and had some truly wonderful meds in the hospital.

Unfortunately, a midwife can't write out a script (that's not why using one was a mistake, though. And the mistake wasn't all on her part, either. That's what happens when one underestimates size by nearly two pounds.... but I digress from my digression) -

Anyhow, a midwife can't write a script and she forgot (Yeah, I know. How does that happen?) to get the script from the doctor. So she tells me to take Advil when I get home. Advil. Four at a clip. Well, I didn't take four (I didn't really want to go back for a liver transplant, or a stomach transplant for the bleeding uclers, or whatever happy nonsense an ibuprofen OD gets you. I was uncomfortable enough, thank you very much.)

(there is a point here, I promise)

Bu that's what I liken Tylenol #3 to - Advil. But that's based only on my personal experience.

Now, where was I?

Oh, right...

The Tylenol#3 seems to knock him out, though. But when it comes to pain meds, he's kind of a lightweight, which is really funny, considering his size. He hurt his back a few years ago and was given Percocet, or Percodan - I don't remember any more. After it took him an hour and a half to go from the bedroom to the kitchen (one floor below), he took one. Half an hour later I came into the kitchen to find him watching the oven door. Watching it. Staring at it like it was the most fascinating thing in the world. It was pretty funny. We're not all that big on sympathy in my family and when something's funny, we laugh. Needless to say, I laughed.

So, he's zonked on the sofa and I have to try to wake him and send him upstairs. Should be interesting. My sympathy stores are still pretty full, though, since I know he'll really be miserable tomorrow. The surgeon gave him a local as well as general anesthesia, to put off most of the pain for tonight. But by tomorrow... yikes.

That means that I have double duty, so I needed the break anyway. I have enough going on to get me through Christmas and I think I'll give myself a little vacation. I'm working on some editing and minor rewriting, but the WIPs (two at the moment) will wait until the new year. It's been a while since I've not sat at my computer to work, so it's a little weird. But I've enough to keep me busy, so I think I'll adjust. Of course, it's his right shoulder and he's right handed, so there ought to be some humorous moments as well. Right now, he's got to use something called a Cryo-Cuff, which is this monstrosity that encases his shoulder and filled with chilled (and by chilled I mean DAMN THAT'S COLD!) water to help ease the pain and minimise the swelling as much as possible, so in the long run he'll feel better faster. Well, between that, and the sling keeping his arm pasted to his belly, it looks like he's got this hump going on. So, of course, that means fun for me. My own little (relatively speaking) I-gore. (Young Frankenstein reference - one of the funniest movies ever made).

I also have managed to avoid stirring up hornet's nests on other blogs - which is no easy feat, mind you. But I need a break from being cyber-yelled at, so I keep it at a minimum. Actually, it's not all that difficult, as a lot of the blogs I visit are slowing down with the holidays. Hmm... something else to look forward to in the new year.

OK - that's it. I'm tired. I slept two hours last night, was up at 5 this morning to go to the hospital and it's now 11:13pm. I was wired on about 5 gallons of coffee, but it's gone and now I'm crashing. Besides, I have to get the big guy off the sofa and upstairs before I can even think about getting some much-needed sleep. And tomorrow, the fun's only gonna get funner!

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