Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ahhh... another Valentine's Day is here - perfect for everyone in love with love.

I think that's why I write romance. I love the idea of bringing together two people who so definitely belong together, no matter what obstacles stand in their way. Maybe it goes back to those fairy tales I loved as a kid. Maybe it's because I've seen Gone With the Wind more times than should be allowed by law. I just wish Scarlett hadn't been so wrapped up in that wimpy Ashley, then she would have seen how perfect Rhett Butler truly was for her. Never mind Scarlett, the sequel that was published about fifteen years ago - I read it and wished I hadn't.

Of course, there are some out there who probably think Ashley Wilkes would be the perfect man. He was considerate and thoughtful, would never forget a birthday or an anniversary, and would always have the perfect gift, no matter what.

Rhett, on the other hand, was dangerous and exciting. He probably wouldn't forget an important date, but he'd be the one giving you the sexy lingerie and stilettoes that couldn't possibly be worn outside of the bedroom. You'd sleep with him on the first date and chew your nails waiting for him to call you. Of course, he will call. Eventually.

What is it about the bad-boy that makes them so damn appealing. I've noticed that, in my own books, my heroes tend to lean towards the bad-boy side of nature. They have their soft sides, but only the heroine ever gets close enough to see it. They may be cruel when needed, (though never to the heroine!) but warm and tender as well, especially when the heroine steps into the picture.

I think that, secretly, every woman loves the idea of her own bad boy - the guy who will defend your honor, no matter what, and would do anything to have you and even more to keep you. Who doesn't dream of being swept off their feet by some rogue, and being the only woman with the ability to tame him. Well, to a certain degree at least.

When I think of about the heroes of romance novels, they are all dangerous to a certain point, guy who's a mix of - say - Marlon Brando, James Dean... well, you get the point. They love 'em and leave 'em, until...

Ahh... who wouldn't want to be that woman? Heroes are imperfectly perfect. Sure, they might kill someone, but it would be defending you. And they'd never have dragon breath, or zits, or back hair. And no hero would ever, ever, EVER wax any part of their body. Period.

But the best part is that they would love you madly. Drive you crazy, sure, but they would love you beyond your wildest dreams and, let's face it, has any romance novel ever had a hero who was a lousy lover? Nope.

Of course, that's fiction and this is reality, but that's what I love about romance novels - and love in general.

So, go pick up a favorite old romance, or dive into your TBR pile and indulge in something you haven't read before. Dream, fantasize, whatever... love makes all things possible.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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