Friday, March 09, 2007

PA Silencing Its Authors??? Update to Previous Post!

I wrote my previous post at 8:49 this morning (EST). As of 11:12AM (EST) the post which provoked MY post has been taken down from the board. Does PA silence its own writers when they raise questions??? Sure looks that way. Wonder why.

Because they are quick to ban anyone who dares question their business practice. That is to say, when writers smarten up, PublishAmerica is quick to silence them. If they are what they claim to be, why do they silence these people? You know the answer. They are sleaze. Pure and simple. But I don't know exactly who they think they're fooling (except, of course, the people with their eyes shut who cover their ears and say, "la la la, can't hear you!!!).

Oh well, at least one more person is beginning to see the light.


Serena Joy said...

Hi, Kim. Boy, you called that one right. That's exactly what PA is -- Sleaze with a capital S. Keep spreading the word. The more people whose eyes are opened, the more people will avoid that particular sleaze pit.

Kim said...

It's just so sad that this company is getting away with it. It almost like a happy moment when I see another one begin to ask questions. Of course, then they're banned from the board, but maybe they've gotten someone else to ask as well.

We can always hope!