Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm Back!

Yup - that's right. Here I am.

I've been running like a madwoman. It's been totally, totally, totally crazy in my world. I finished up a second draft of one WIP, and what I think is the final draft on another. They'll simmer and stew a bit, while I work on synopsises (synopses??). I also have another story idea, so that will be played with over the weekend and we'll see what's what.

I've missed posting, to be honest. It's a great outlet and gives me the chance to blow off steam and not have to double check it =). Although, I have to confess, I do edit and fix until it's perfect. Can't help it. It's in my blood.

I also did an interview with Fallen Angels Review. You can check it out here. It was a lot of fun and Tammy asked me some really great questions.

Things have been busy on the outside of my office as well. My husband's been logging in crazy overtime, so I've been equally crazy with the kids and school things and birthday parties and all that other wonderfulness that leaves me about 15 minutes a day to write. I've been rewriting while my son naps. I used to do it while he sat and played with his toys, but now he's a lot more mobile and (I think) part monkey. I pull this child off of everything you can imagine. Last week, I found him standing in the middle of the kitchen table. Tonight, he thought he'd scale the back of the sofa and climb over wrought iron bannister. Put up the mother of all fusses when I grabbed him as he swung there like a chubby little pendulum. But now he's asleep and an absolute angel. That's his trick. He's so dam cute that I have to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing.

But I digress. Work has kept me glued to my computer forever and I'm glad the drafts are done again. The pirate one is finished. I need to double check the synopsis, write a query, and off it goes. The other one is - as I said - only in its second draft. I rewrote the entire first chapter, which then changed the rest of the book, so it has a ways to go before it's even remotely ready for submission.

I did, however, query on (yet another) project. Received a request for a partial. Keep your fingers crossed. I won't hear back for a few more weeks yet, but I'm trying not to eyeball the calendar to death. I certainly wouldn't want it to burst into flames!

OK - now that I'm caught up, it's time to go and play around with that story idea. I love that feeling when inspiration strikes and I've been antsy to get to work all day. Keep your fingers crossed!


Sarah said...

We were waiting for my daughter to be done with the River Fest Parade tonight and my 3 year old thought he would jump down from his perch on a leg about 4 ft off the ground. He ended up basically doing a belly flop on to the sidewalk. He hurt because he started to cry (which he only does when something really hurts) hugs and a kiss for the bump on his head and he was fine.

I also wanted to say I got your book yesterday. I read the whole thing cover to cover. I couldn't put it down. I had to know what was going to happen. I love books like that. It was fabulous!!!!!!!

Kim said...

Hi! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And I'm glad your little man is ok - my son's 19 months old and he climbs on EVERYTHING and I'm constantly diving to catch him!

I hope you were ok during those tornados - I couldn't believe the film coming out of there...

Sarah said...

I'm in Wichita so they weren't too close. Greensburg is out in western Kansas. That tornado that wiped it was HUGE. I have a pic of it and a link to the news on my blog. It was crazy weather that whole weekend. It was one really bad storm after the other. They thought maybe we would get some of that tornadoey (hmm..I don't think that is even a word, but it is now) stuff, but luckily we didn't. I just hope that isn't a sign of what summer is going to be like, otherwise we will be spending the summer in the basement! That is what happens in tornado alley!