Sunday, May 13, 2007

On Mother's Day

Until I had children of my own, I never really gave much thought to Mother's Day. I bought cards, flowers, all that stuff, but never really thought about what it means to be a mother.

I've got a little better grasp on it now:

1. It means seeing the world through their eyes, seeing everything around you for the first time, and being utterly fascinated by it. Really. Have you ever seen a baby stare at a moving ceiling fan? They are mesmerized by it. Or the look on a toddler's face when he sees snow for the first time, or walks on grass in bare feet for the first time. What is old and dull to me is new and exciting to my son and with that, I find myself feeling the cold of snow or the tickle of grass for the first time as well.

2. It's being amused by something as simple as a goofy face, and laughing until your sides hurt because your child is giggling uncontrollably.

3. It's knowing the power of a simple kiss to "make it all better."

4. It's being the slayer of dragons, ogres, mummies, and all the other monsters that terrify your kids in their sleep. They know that if they crawl into bed and snuggle with you, they are safe from the meanies.

5. It's sitting through fifteen minutes of "um... so... I... um..." before your daughter finally tells you what she did in school, and you listen intently, without reading the paper, or letting your mind wander.

6. It's loving the way they smell when they come out of the bathtub, all Johnson's baby shampoo and powdery sweet. You want to bury your nose in their neck and breathe until your lungs explode.

7. It's the first time that little voice says, "Mama," and you know your son means you.

8. It's when trusting eyes meet yours and he knows everything will be ok, no matter how scared, hurt, lonely, he is.

9. It's chubby arms squeezing you so tight around the neck your eyes are about to pop out, but you don't care.

10. It's your daughter giving you the millionth construction paper drawing, and you hang it in your office just because she did it.

11. It's watching them sleep and treasuring the innocence on their little faces.

12. It's knowing that, no matter how much love, hugs, and kisses you give, someone out there will hurt them and, though it makes you mad as hell, there's nothing you can do about it but be there when it happens.

13. It's being proud of every accomplisment, no matter how big or small

14. It's knowing that, no matter how hard you try to keep them babies, they will grow into adults.

15. It's knowing that you love them more than anything in heaven or on earth, and that they are going to break your heart one day.

16. It's knowing that despite the good and the bad, you'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Happy Mother's Day.

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