Friday, June 22, 2007

It took a while, but...

MySpace got me.

Yes, I set up a page last night and I'm still tweaking it. I keep hearing about how wonderful a tool it is for networking and so here I am.

I have to admit, it's been a little aggravating, but mostly fun getting it set up. I have a website, but that only gets updated once every few months because I spend a lot of time chasing my web guy down. I'll be looking around for a new one around the end of the year, so until then, don't expect the site to change too much.

That's what I love about this blog. I stay on top of it, unless I'm really busy with a deadline or a contest or something of that sort. Hopefully, my MySpace page will also be kept up-to-date. While I sometimes delve into personal things on this blog, the MySpace page will deal strictly with writing. So, feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

As I was setting it up, it got me to thinking about how many blogs have gone dark over the past few months. Miss Snark. Nadia Cornier's Agent Obscura. POD-dy Mouth. And I recently discovered that Blography of a Southern Writer has also gone dark. I truly miss reading these blogs, as they held a wealth of information - both writing-related and non-writing related.

It is difficult at times, to keep up-to-date and current, and to find things to blog about. And sometimes, the ideas come so fast I can barely type the words in quickly enough. I like to think I will keep this going indefinitely, but who knows what the future holds? Things are very busy these days, and likely to stay that way, which is a good thing for me. Sometimes, when I finish a book, I have a moment of panic that there's nothing left, no more stories to be told. Then a few weeks pass and then inspiration strikes again. Never say never, is what I try to tell myself. So, hopefully that will hold true with this blog as well. I find a lot of them come to be like old friends and I miss them now that they're gone. Every so often, I pop over to Miss Snark, just to make sure.

Things are going to be crazy for the next few weeks. I'm judging another contest. I have two WIPs in different stages of editing. I have two ideas I'm trying to turn into books. I have my newsletter and now, MySpace. It's going to be busy, especially with summer here and the kids home from school. There will be trips to the shore, a guy who's been like a brother to me is getting married in a few weeks, so it's going to be a full summer. But I'll be here - maybe not as often as I'd like, but I'll still be here. For now anyway.

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