Thursday, September 20, 2007

Back to Writing

I recently read a blog post in which an author received a rejection and wasn't happy about it. Okay, I can understand that. No one likes rejection - especially after you've been published.

But the way in which she went about addressing it, to me, seems very unprofessional and comes across as a little bit whiny. Now, we've all had those rejections where the first instinct is to sit down and whip off a reject-the-rejection letter. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you rip it up, or throw it in a drawer. But to post it on a blog, or a website, or any public forum is in bad taste.

Now, I've done it - I submitted a partial on request, waited the requisite three months, only to receive a "Dear Author" rejection on the project. I was miffed, partially because I think a requested partial should at least earn me a letter addressed to a real person (me) instead of a vague "Dear Author". I know I shouldn't expect it, nor is it required, but I think it should be. I can laugh about it now, because I turned around and sold the same book a few months later. But I digress...

The author in question is apparently multi-published (quite an accomplishment, for sure, but by no means a guarantee that every book after will be sold), but I still think it in poor taste to go on a rant because she disagrees with the rejection. What author doesn't disagree with a rejection? Oh, when you look back, you probably will, but that's after enough time passes where it doesn't sting any more. Until then, we all think the editor or agent is an idiot, who wouldn't know a good book if it came up and introduced itself. But it is poor judgment to call an editor on that. Besides, do you really want to be remembered for your reject-the-rejection post? Publishing is a small world. One publisher might reject you now, but in the future, you might have something they would want, and you would want to submit to them. How would you rather they remember you?

Venting is fine - but I think it should be done in a private setting.

Well... this post has sparked an idea for another one that I'll write up later today. For now, you can check out the original here.

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