Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Aggravation Continues (Yes, this IS a rant)

Last week I posted about problems with my website. My web guy wasn't returning my emails (which has me just about seeing red), so I went to my computer guy. Web guy works for Computer Guy, so I thought I'd get results.

Ha ha...

Fast forward to this week and I still haven't gotten any response from either one of them. I followed up with Computer Guy but haven't heard. I'm getting pretty teed off right now and I don't blame me. It's aggravating enough to have this stupid problem to begin with, especially as I was left out of the loop in the first place, but it's absolutely irritating that neither one of these guys has bothered to respond. So, not only does my website come up Account Suspended (and I'd love to know what that's about as well!!!), but now neither one of the two people I've paid to do this stuff is bothering to reply to me. And to top it off, I've paid for a year's worth of hosting, and now there's nothing to host, so I damn well expect the problem to be solved, or my money refunded. The only reason why I haven't kicked these guys to the curb is because I have four months left on my yearly hosting agreement - or I did. Someone owes me something. Right now, I'd be happy with an explanation as to why my web guy is such an utter incompetent and doesn't even have the decency to let me know when there's a problem. Of course, why I should have expected that when he couldn't even get the spam problem fixed is a total mystery to me. I'd have been better off doing this myself.

Okay, time to fire off another email. I feel a little better now.

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