Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Done!

Okay - it's almost done.

You Belong to Me is in the final galleys. Woo hoo! I just have to look it over (just to make sure) and then I should have a final release date. When I read over the previous galleys, there was one sentence that hadn't formatted right. It had been there in the galleys previous to those, and my editor fixed it, but then it went all floopy again. But this time it stayed fixed, and though I'm pretty sure there won't be any other issues, I'm going to go over it this weekend. Just to make sure.

So then it will be off my desk and into publication! No more revisions. No more rewrites. No more floopy little sentence. Ahhh.... what a feeling...

My website's also back up and running (for the most part - it's still not updated, though. I know, I know...) I don't know what the problem was, my computer guy doesn't know (or just doesn't want to tell me, for some reason), but really - I don't care. I'm just glad it's there again.

I've been working on revising two separate projects that I want off my desk early next year, so that's been keeping me busy. Oh, and there's Christmas of course. Since it's our first Christmas in the new house, I wanted to stay home this year, instead of going to South Jersey for the day to visit my in-laws. My husband was agreeable, so we invited everyone up here for Christmas Day. Eeek... I've never cooked for so many people before - it should be interesting. At the least, it'll make for an (hopefully) interesting post or two. We'll see. I just hope I don't burn my house down (remember what I did to the broiler in the townhouse).

Which reminds me, the townhouse is being stripped down and repainted this week. New carpeting is to follow. I wonder how weird it will be to see it completely different? All of our stuff is completely out now, and when I went back last weekend (emergency pit stop for the Girl on the way back from my brother's house) it looks... weird. It feels empty, and I don't mean just in the "it has nothing in it" kind of way. I mean the energy is different - it's... gone. Well, we're hoping to get it sold early next year and I kind of hope the eventual buyers are a young couple just starting out, the way my husband and I were. We had ten good years there - there's positive energy just waiting for the next generation. Keep your fingers crossed.

We got hit with an ice storm yesterday. Not too bad, though - although it is a little slippery. The Girl had a half day of school, but by this morning, everything was fine. A Nor'easter is expected this weekend - which means everyone'll freak out and clear the shelves of bread and milk (why is that? If I have to spend a weekend completely trapped with my family, I want chocolate and wine, not bread and milk. That just ain't gonna do it). But I have a stocked fridge, so I don't care. Let it rain. Let it ice. Let it snow. I'll sit back (with my wine and chocolate) and just enjoy the view out my back windows.

So there - now I'm caught up. Things are going to be crazy between now and Christmas (although, really, when isn't it crazy?) between shopping and entertaining. Oh, and my husband finally went back to work this week - so it's even loopier than usual - but I'm not complaining. Living on his temporary disability wasn't the easiest thing I've ever had to do, but we managed. But as a result, my posts might be a bit sporadic.

Okay - I've got the house to myself (sort of - everyone else is asleep) so I think I'll go watch Ghosthunters. I hate when I have a free night and there's nothing good on. So, Ghosthunters it is - the very reason why DVDs were invented!

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