Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Working!

Taking a break from writing has been doing wonders for my imagination and creativity. For a while. I was beginning to wonder if I was done, if I'd run out of decent ideas. So, I decided to take a little sabbatical from all things written (except, of course, where deadlines for Eden's Pass are concerned. I was worn out, not completely nuts! =))

I learned to knit, and have been working on a blanket that I plan on giving as a gift (keep your fingers crossed, it's actually coming along pretty nicely.) It's been a bit of a relief, sitting down each night and just working on counting stitches and not hanging myself in the yarn. It's tiring - the first few days, my arms and shoulders were a little achy from being in the same positions for so long. I've adapted since then and now all is cool.) It's really quite relaxing, to tell the truth. And to see the results so quickly and be happy with them is it's own little reward. The blanket's almost 1/4 of the way done. Woo hoo.

But this morning, I realized the true benefit of taking this little break. I've actually had a few ideas pop into my head. Good ideas. Ideas I think I can definitely develop into book-form. i've missed that feeling when inspiration strikes - it seems like a long time has passed since the last strike. And now I've got two ideas coming to life in my head and it's almost a relief. Actually, it is a relief. It's a bit scary, worrying whether or not there's anything left. Especially considering how few books I've had published. At one time, it seemed as if I could write page after page. Then, somewhere partway through After the Storm, it seemed to slip away. That book gave me so much trouble that it sucked the will to write right out of me. But now, that feeling has passed and, in a few weeks, I'm sure I'll be ready and rarin' to go again.

But for now, I'll work on my blanket, Eden's Pass, and gear up for the release of You Belong to Me, which is coming out in about three weeks. (Don't worry - I'll make sure to announce it when the day's closer. I promise =))

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