Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things That Make You Go "Hmmm...."

Who is in charge of putting the size tags on jeans? Really, I'd like to know because I've got a little bit of a bone to pick with them.

Here's the sitch - I love Old Navy. Love, love love them. My closet is loaded with their stuff - it's comfortable, everything in the world washes out of it (very important when you've got little kids), and they've got my size (read - short). Always. If I need jeans, I go to Old Navy and I know I'm going to leave with at least two pair - if not more.

Now, my weight tends to fluctuate depending on how religious I am about going to the gym (confession time: I haven't set foot in my gym since Nov. 06. I swear, I'm going to get back. Eventually.) I don't own a scale, so I honestly have no idea how much I weigh. Not to mention, it differs depending on the scale anyway. At one doctor's office, I weigh 10 lbs. more than I do on any other scale. Can't even trust the doctors' offices any more.

But I digress.

So, I generally go by how my clothes fit. Makes sense, right? Well, it would, except for one little thing...

I don't know who sizes Old Navy jeans, but something ain't right.

At my tiniest, I wore a size 2. That was a while ago. Generally, I'm a four. But I've been a 6 as well. So, at one point, my closet had jeans in all three sizes.

When I moved last October, I had a heart-to-heart with myself and, though I hated to admit it, chances are good I will never be a 2 again (sniff, sniff). I just don't really have the time to work out the way I used to (though I'm hoping having a pool will help a little this summer.) and I'm getting to the point where I just don't care. I'm healthy. I'm comfortable with me - I don't need to be a stick anymore. So, I sucked it up and tossed out the size 2s. It stung, but really, it was for the best.

So that left the 4s and 6s.

Lately, it seems the 6s are way too big. Okay, guess I'm a 4 again. No problem. I need to get a couple more pairs of jeans, since the 6s are falling off. Woo hoo - a reason to go to Old Navy.

So I buy 4s. I don't try them on because I know my size, right?

Well, apparently a 4 is no longer a 4. Now the 4s are too big. WTF? I know I'm not a 2. Unless those size-people are messing with me. I've heard that there's been a little monkeying with the sizes, due to the obesity problem. So maybe today's 4 is yesterday's 6.

But to make things even weirder, today is laundry day. So all I had to wear was a pair of 6 jeans. Great. I'm going to spend all day tugging my pants up and looking like I'm wearing someone else's clothes.

The 6s fit.


4s are too big, but 6s fit? How is that even possible? What fresh hell is this that I can be too small for a 4, but fit almost perfectly in a 6 less than 24 hours later?

Okay - enough monkeying with the sizes, people. Go back to when they were right - when a 2 was a 2, a 4 was a 4, and so on. You're making it difficult for me to find things that fit. Although, at this rate, I'll be in those size 0s before too long. And that makes me wonder what the truly skinny people will be wearing. Do jeans come in negative sizes now??

No wonder I hate shopping so much. Now even Old Navy is out to mess with me.


Marian said...

As one of the truly skinny people (my waist is 22 inches, nuff said), it is also incredibly difficult to find clothes that fit.

I beeline to the petites section and find that there are large petite sizes that don't fit me. Sometimes, even the small petites don't, especially skirts and pants. I think my size may be less than zero. I sometimes buy the smallest there is and see if it can be nipped in at the waist.

I've tried the juniors and children's sections, but the clothes there often have Barbies or other such decorations on them. I wish I was taller and curvier. At least, I wish it until someone looks at me and says they'd like to eat whatever they like, as I do, and never gain weight. :)

Beth said...

I used to sell clothes for a living -- all different brands from all different eras, but a LOT of vintage. Wal-Mart and Old Navy are the worst offenders for making sizes "bigger" than they actually are.

A size 6 from the 50's is smaller than a size 0 today. That's right, smaller.

Today's size 6 jeans (from Old Navy) are the equivalent to a size 12 from the 1980's. So, asses are double the size wearing half the number.

I personally think manufacturers should do like Levi's. Waist size, inseam size, but NO 1S or 2A or whatever. Women may get a boost, but it isn't correct.

This is why I laugh at "a perfect size 6" or "4" or "2" because there is no such thing. You can have a waist of 30" and fit into a size 4 by today's standards.

I'm not thin at all, but my daughter is and it is very hard for her to find jeans that fit. The waist is always too big as are legs and hips. She wears only Abercrombie, Hollister, and the like, which are MUCH smaller than Old Navy sizes, but still, they aren't a true 0.

I recommend Levi's. I actually think you'll end up liking them better.

Kim said...

I've been hunting for Levis that fit me right forever - problem is that I've got a tiny waist (24") but my hips are out of whack (36") - so if they fit in one place, they don't in the other.

I've heard that about the sizes being different than they used to be - ugh... I'm going to have to make my own clothes, which is a disaster just WAITING to happen! =)

And Marian - you have no idea how green I am right now about your teensiness - pea-green, my friend. Pea green =)