Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Perfect Day

You know how some days, everything just goes right? Saturday was definitely one of those days. An absolutely perfect day.

The pool is finally cleaned and we broke it in today. The weather cooperated, stayed fairly sunny and definitely warm. The water was 82 degrees. Perfect.

The Girl was in the water pretty much from the moment my husband deemed it fit for swimming, until dinnertime, when she (very reluctantly) got out. I was in for a good part of the day. My husband was in. We had a blast.

But the big surprise was when the Boy woke up from his nap. Last year, he wanted nothing to do with the pool at my in-laws. Screamed and cried the entire time. So we were a little apprehensive about bringing him in to our pool. But we didn't want to just leave him up on the deck to play - that seemed a bit mean - so my husband picked him up and brought him into the water.

Now, at first, the Boy still wanted nothing to do with the water. But then, something happened. He decided it wasn't so bad and went from not wanting to be in to not wanting to get out. He had a blast - laughing like a lunatic when his sister jumped in and splashed him, screaming with joy when Daddy tossed him into the air and caught him. Everything. He just loved it.

So, while the Boy and Daddy played in the pool, the Girl and I got dinner ready. She's at that age now where she wants to help and actually is a help. So we got dinner ready together. A good team right there.

It took a while to convince the Boy that he will be able to go back in the pool again (maybe not Sunday, since we're heading to my in-laws' house for Father's Day), but we got him out - got everyone showered and dressed, and had a nice dinner. Afterwards, the Boy went to bed peacefully while the Girl fell asleep in her room, watching Ratatouille on the portable DVD player. I got some writing done while my husband vegged in front of the Yankees game.

An absolutely picture perfect day. I love days like today. I just wish they happened more often. Of course, if they did, then I might not appreciate them quite as much.


Jenna said...

I am so glad you had such a good day. :) Sarina is already a water baby... no fear at all (which is a little scary because I live on a lake).

Marian said...

Hey Kim,

I like the names you have for your kids (the Girl and the Boy), but what if you have another one? Will he or she be the Baby?

Kim said...

Oh. bite your tongue - there will be no third wee one! =)

But, should that happen, s/he will simply be known as the Runt. =)

Jenna - a lake sounds so nice, but it'd probably scare me as well. The pool does, and there's fencing and padlocks and all kinds of protection around it! =)