Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some days...

Are better than others.

And some days just really totally suck.

I think today is shaping up into a totally sucking day. I couldn't think of anything to blog about, and since I did something off the blog topic list yesterday, I didn't want to do another today.

It's also a sort-of not-quite-overcast-but-not-quite-sunny day. Hot. Humid. Blech.

One of the gerbils bit my daughter's thumb, so she was bleeding all over the place and crying like Tiger'd taken off the tip of her finger. Now, I know gerbils have sharp teeth, and it does hurt when they bite, but her reaction was a bit drama-queenish...

I've had to send my son to his room twice. Do you know how stupid you feel, sending a 3 year old to his room? And what's worse, he goes in, shuts the door, and comes right back out. Well, he went to his room. Mommy didn't say anything about him staying there, though, right?

I have to dust and I hate dusting. Yesterday, I was like a madwoman, vacuuming everything that didn't get out of my way fast enough - I did carpets, baseboards, ceiling, molding - all of it. What a workout. But I just don't feel like dusting. My house has wood trim and moldings, six-panel doors, and then there's the furniture. That's a lot of wood. And a lot of dusting. Yuck.

The pool needs to be vacuumed as well - and I know how to vacuum it, but I don't know exactly how to hook up said vacuum. My husband tried to explain it when he got home last night, but I'm one of those dolts who needs to be walked through it - he explains while I actually set up the vacuum - otherwise I can't wrap my mind around what it is he's trying to explain. That's what happens when you have a left-brain thinker (him) trying to explain something to a right-brain thinker (that's me). So there's some gack in the pool and it's bugging the hell out of me, but I can't do anything with it until he gets home. Ugh.

So, there's plenty for me to do around here, but it's housework, which automatically puts it into the suck category. I'm not big on cleaning, though I do hate messes. And my newest story is just burning a hole in my brain to get written - which doesn't suck. So, we'll have lunch, I'll put the Boy down for a nap, let the Girl go in the pool (the gack won't hurt her and it bothers her a lot less than it does me), and I'll bring my laptop into the Florida room and sit and write for two hours.

And I managed to find something to blog about after all. Hmm... maybe today won't be such a sucky day after all?

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