Monday, July 14, 2008

Things to Talk About

Usually, when I write a post, it's a case of I sit at my desk and just go with whatever comes off the top of my head. For the most part, it works. Sometimes I end up deleting the entire post - especially if it's a rant - but those are pretty few and far between. The deleted posts, that is. I don't think I'll ever not rant about something.

But, sometimes, I know I want to write about something, only I don't know just what that something is. So, this morning, I was feeling all organized and such (which is a pretty rare thing, if you want to know the truth. I operate in a state of controlled chaos. Organization and I are acquaintances, but that's about it) so I sat down and started a list of topics I'd like to blog about in the near future. There's a little bit of everything on it - writing related and non-writing related - and I'm sure that other topics will just spring up.

I guess today's topic would be random musings.

Right now, I've got a new story idea percolating and I wrote up a rough synopsis. Isn't that funny? A few months ago, I had such a block that I really wondered if I'd ever have a new idea. Then, I just kind of pushed through a story, had it derail into a mess so bad it was funny, but it seemed to have done the trick. I'll let that draft sit a while, especially since I have two new stories to work on. Something to do while I'm waiting to hear back from my editor and it will (hopefully) keep me from obsessing over constantly checking my email. Even as I'm clicking on the New Messages button, I know there isn't going to be anything there. But I keep doing it. It's enough to make me crazy.

I also didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Something woke the Boy up around 3ish and he didn't go back into a sound sleep until almost four. I finally fell back to sleep, only to be woken up by a tremendous rainshower, and my husband asking me, "Is that rain?" as he popped up. Kind of a "Huh?" moment, 'cept we both fell back to sleep before either one of us could really think about the rain.

Hmm... maybe what I need is more coffee.

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