Monday, August 11, 2008

300 Posts!

Wow, I've made it to 300 posts... pretty cool, considering my first post was a very, very, very lame "this is my first post and I don't know what to say" or something like that. It's in the archives if you're feeling brave (or masochistic) and the first time anyone left a comment, I almost fell out of my chair. Someone else was reading this? Whoa...

Anyhow, I'm glued to the Olympics right now - Team USA Men's gymnastics. They are freakin' awesome tonight! Those high bar routines make my palms sweat, but talk about spectacular. Holy Moses, those guys are on fire tonight. On. Fire.

And how about Michael Phelps? And that 4x100 relay last night! And his race tonight? Amazing. There's no other way to describe it. He is amazing.

I should try getting in some more writing-related posts, and I will. I'll probably be getting back to writing sooner than I thought, since my hands are killing me from all the knitting and, believe it or not, typing loosens them up.

But since I don't have anything in mind and it's getting kind of late anyhow, so here's a great post on Marian Perera's blog about reverse shoplifting. That's when an author whose publisher (let's say, PublishAmerica, for example) has the barest minimum of distribution in place and makes it so difficult for bookstores to order books that authors resort to such practices as slipping books onto bookstore shelves in the hopes that store personnel won't notice when (by some stroke of incredible luck) a customer tries to purchase said book. And yes, people have tried this. Marian conducted a little investigation and blogged about the results. Take a look and enjoy!


Mary B said...

The Olympics are seven kinds of awesome this year. I"m loving every minute, but tuckered out from staying up so late biting my nails and watching men's gymnastics.

Tonight, the women. GIRL POWER!

Marian said...

Thanks, Kim. :)

It’s sad that authors lose money to this when three minutes’ talk with an employee would show why it’s a bad idea. After I got over being nervous, I really enjoyed questioning the employees, though I got a bit carried away when discussing the industry and one of them asked if I was a writer.

I blushed, looked at the ground and confessed that I was. I hope I can respond with more charm and savoir-faire and je ne sais quoi next time.

Kim said...

Hee hee =) I'm sure it wasn't anywhere near as embarrassing as you think it was!

And I'm also doing my fair share of nailbiting and fighting off drowiness come morning... not to mention that I blow my mind whenever I think about the fact that the events I'm watching now happened tomorrow.... or yesterday... or a week from Tuesday...