Monday, August 04, 2008

August Already?!?

It's hard to believe that it's August already. Yeah, I know, we're four days into the month, but who cares? It's still hard to believe the summer is 2/3rds gone already. I've got to take the Girl Back to School shopping - she needs clothes (we lucked out last year, she hadn't grown much. This year? Not so lucky,) shoes, supplies, all that fun stuff.

It's been a very busy summer - between the house, the Boy's therapies, my many WIPs, submissions, the pool... ay yi yi... I'm looking forward to the cooler weather, because then I can get a little rest!

It's hard to believe, it was a year ago my husband and I first found this house. So much has happened since then - a busy, crazy, up-and-down year, to say the least. But now, life has once again calmed down, though I'm sure something else isn't too far off to make things exciting again.

It's time to comb over the list of bloggable topics again - somehow it seems like lately my posts have been all personal and not so writing related. It's tough because I don't consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination. Most of my info is based solely on personal experience and should not be taken as the end-all/be all of writing. What works for me, might not for someone else, and what works for someone else doesn't necessarily work for me. Doesn't mean either one is right or wrong - just that to each his own and all that.

So this will be short and sweet, but hopefully tomorrow's post should be a little meatier...

I hope. =)

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