Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yep - we've been in this house nearly a year, so really, it's high time we got around to having our housewarming party. We wanted to do it during the summer, since we have the pool, and with my husband being laid off for most of the summer, it was an expense we really didn't need.

Until now.

Now he's back to work and all's well, so the invite went out. It's this weekend. Which means I have to clean. Ugh. I'm not a neat freak. I clean because I hate mess, not because I like to clean. I operate in a constant state of controlled (more or less) chaos. But since people are going to be seeing my house for the first time (it takes less planning to pull off a military manoeuvre than it does to get all our friends in one place at the same time) it has to be spotless.

Which means I'm not cleaning. I'm cleaning.

You know - vacuuming the tops of the windowsills? Scrubbing the floor behind the toilet. That sort of cleaning.

And that's what I've been doing (more or less) since Saturday. I've tackled our bedroom. The entire second floor (where the kids' rooms and their bathroom is), and have gotten the bathroom in the family room. What's left? The living and dining rooms need to be vacuumed. The family room needs vacuuming and dusting. The kitchen needs tidying up and both the kitchen and Florida room floors need to be washed.

No problem.

So, posts might be sporadic at best until Sunday - since I also have to go grocery shopping (gotta feed these people. Husband's in charge of liquor), hit the party supply place for paper goods, flat ware - that sort of stuff, I have to cook (gotta feed these people), I'm taking tomorrow off to take the kids down the shore, and we still have the Boy's therapy as well. It's a busy week, to put it mildly.

I promise, next week things will go back to (mostly) writing related posts and they will show up on a more regular schedule.

If I survive to next week, that is...


Sassee B said...

I'm in the same boat. People are coming over not one but two weekends in a row. Not only do I have to clean, but I have to be friggin' Cinderella... because we haven't cleaned since the last visitors appeared, which was 1.5 months ago. Sigh.

Maybe I'll borrow some of your motivation. I can has motivation too? *holds out hand*

Kim said...

Ah... motivation... in my case it was "I can NOT have anyone see this mess!"

And this is late (Another casualty of the madness around me), but here's some motivation, just in case! =)