Monday, September 01, 2008

And Now I'm Back!

Yes, yes... I know I said the blog would be dark until tomorrow, but I've been home a few hours now, the kids are asleep, and I have something to blog about, so here I am. Me and all my commas, apparently.

Anyhow - we spent a wonderful weekend with the inlaws down the shore. The weather was beautiful, a good portion of my husband's family came down for a pool party yesterday. All in all, it was a perfectly vacation-y weekend.

Don't get me wrong, it didn't go entirely without a hitch. That just doesn't happen when we travel, you see. The kids and I left around noon. I wanted to leave around 10AM. I tried to leave by 11AM. I actually got out of the house at noon. On Friday. On Labor Day weekend. To go to the shore.

Me and the rest of the state.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "You should have left earlier to avoid all that holiday weekend shore traffic. I bet you were really wishing you'd left earlier, weren't you?"

Um. No. No I wasn't actually.

The vacation and travel gods were on my side. We made great time. Almost no traffic. Perfect.

My husband joined us just as we sat down to dinner (he got out of work a little early, went home, did his thing, and then drove down. Not one of us can convince him that it's really okay to just drive down and then shower.)

The Boy doesn't want to eat. As usual. He's tired. He's cranky. No nap. So, I'll put him to bed and then eat. No problem.


See, the vacation and travel gods are not quite what they seem. Sure, I flew down the shore and had no problem. Well, I was about to pay for that.

First I spent almost 90 minutes lying on the floor by the Boy's crib. He just would not go to sleep. Cried if I so much as looked at the door. No problem. He's happy (and quiet) if I'm there, so I get my iPod and listen to some music until he falls asleep.

Ninety minutes later, I'm reheating pizza in the microwave. No problem. The Boy's asleep. Life is good.

Now, we sit up and chat with my inlaws and my husband's uncle, who's down from Massachusetts. The Girl goes off to bed without incident. There's wine and good conversation. Life is good.

Little by little, everyone (including husband, who gets up for work at 5AM) goes to bed. I've got the tv to myself and there's actually something on (woo hoo!) Life is good.

Finally, I'm sleepy enough to go to bed (around 1:30AM - I'm a bit of a night owl), so I go up to bed. Life is good.

Did I mention that me and the husband, and the Boy and the Girl all share a room? But they're all asleep and it's a good-sized room. I slip between the sheets and drift off into dreamland. Say it with me - Life is good.


(you knew it was coming, right?)

4:15 (AM, mind you) the Boy starts screaming. And I mean like a banshee. He's wide awake and howling and crying and screaming...

Life is definitely not good.

For the next two and half hours, I rocked the Boy. I could no longer feel my arms, or my hands, and my back felt ready to snap in half - but somehow, I rocked for over two hours until he finally fell asleep. It was daylight before I crawled between the sheets again. Daylight.

But on the flip side, my husband (whom I shooed back to bed) got up with the kids and let me sleep in, which was beyond wonderful.

And that was just the first day... I'll save the rest for tomorrow's post!

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