Friday, September 26, 2008

When We Last Left Our Hero...

I can't remember what I'd wanted to happen next in the damn story.

While I'm still working on an outline for the western I'm planning to write (though I haven't gotten much beyond those five pages, I'm sorry to say), I'm also hopping back and forth between Diego's story and the follow-up book to After the Storm. But getting back into the swing is a bit dicey, since I've kind of forgotten exactly what was going to happen.

See, I'm not a plotter. The outline for the western is a new method for me. But I'm mostly a pantser, which means that the story kind of writes itself. Now, once I get back into it, it should all come back. It should. But it might not. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it can make the story a challenge.

I've been terrible about getting writing done these past few weeks. But as the Boy ages out of Early Intervention, he will hopefully transition into the preschool program that's the next step for kids like him. If so, that means I will have blocks of time each day. And that means I'll have no excuse not to get any writing done.

So, I guess I should get back into those two stories and hunt around inside my mind until I find the path I was planning on traveling. And keep your fingers crossed that I can find our heroes and heroines and get them going on their right paths again.


Rachel Burton said...

Hey - Wandered over from AW. If I brainstorm a plot development, I have to write it down immediately, or it's a goner. Good luck picking back up with your stories!

Elizabeth said...

I followed you over from AW.
Preschool is a great for getting writing time. I have 2 little ones and carving out time to write daily is.... a creative process of its own.
I plot and wing it both. the plotting has to be loose, not too rigid. the winging it is just pure creativity.
Nice place you have here! I'll drop again.

Kim said...

Oh, I'm glad you found your way(s) over -

I kind of remembered, but decided I don't really like it, so it's time to re-think. But this time, I'll keep better notes, just in case! =)