Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to take a few minutes from the craziness to wish all of my readers a Happy Halloween!!

Things are still nutty - and NaNo begins at midnight, so it's going to get crazier still! I'll post here and there on my progress and all that, and on Devil in Disguise, which is sailing along very smoothly. The first love scene has been and gone (though I don't know that it will stay where it is - I haven't decided yet.)

And there is a knee update. I found out that there is no tear in the meniscus that the MRI could detect. However, there is chronic tendinitis (joy) and I found out I have what is called discoid meniscus. In English, that means the cartilage in my left knee is weird. Yeah - I could've told you that without being zapped by the MRI.

Seriously, the knee cartilage in normal people is shaped sort of like a crescent, or the letter C. Well, in my case (because I just have to be different, you know), the cartilage in my left knee is not a C. It is a completely round disc. It's rare, but not entirely unheard of, and it's something that's always been since the beginning of me. So I can blame my parents and get away with it and that's exactly what I'm doing. =)

Anyhoo... the only way to fix that is to go in and cut it into the right shape (ick), and it can be done arthroscopicly, but it is -- to quote my ortho -- "a lot of surgery' (ick, ick) so he's holding off on surgery just yet. Right now, he's trying to calm the inflamed quadriceps tendon, so I'm on another anti-inflammatory (the Lodine just made me itchy. Not cool. Not cool at all.) for now. We'll see what happens in 6 weeks, when I go back again.

So, now you're kinda caught up. I'll be posting every few days or so during NaNo, so never fear - I am not going away forever. Once December rolls around, things will (kind of) go back to normal!

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