Friday, November 21, 2008

Spoke Too Soon

Remember how I said I went back to the gym and I didn't overdo anything because I was smart and all that?


Um... I lied.

I thought I was being smart (the operative word there being smart.) I thought I wasn't going to be too sore.

I was WRONG!




Yesterday I hurt sooooo much it wasn't funny. My arms and shoulders weren't too bad (I guess from lifting the Boy), but my legs...

oh the humanity

Walking from the kitchen table to the fridge was excruciating. And you should have seen me trying to sit. Oy. I'd get about halfway down and then have to just plunk, drop down wherever I wanted to sit.

Getting in and out of the car? Sheer torture.

What the #$%&%^*@ was I thinking??? Who does this to themselves? Ugh. And all I could think about was, "And I gotta go back to the gym again." Oh noes!

But that was yesterday.

I'm happy to say that today is a whole 'nother story. The pain has dulled to a teensy, eensy, tiny little twinge. Whew. The worst of it is over. And I'm looking forward to another session on the rack - er - another workout. Probably tomorrow, since we're going to my mom's for dinner tonight (yesterday was my birthday, today we're doing the family-thing), so I won't have time today. But I'll be there tomorrow.

God help me.


Stina Rose said...

Happy Birthday!

Kim said...

Thank you! =)