Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Bad

Okay, the gods apparently did not want me to resume my regular blogging. Hmm... maybe I should take the hint?

Anyhow, the Girl came home from visiting her grandparents. And, just as her flight going out of New Jersey was delayed by bad weather, the flight from Fort Myers to Atlanta was also delayed by bad weather. The departures from Atlanta were also delayed, so at least she and her aunt and cousin didn't miss their connecting flight. They did on the way down to Miami and, as a result, my in laws had to drive across the state to retrieve them all at the aiport.

But she's home, safe and sound. Whew. However, she didn't come home alone Nope. She brought a cold. Great.

I sent her off to school this morning because she really wasn't sick enough to keep home, but not more than an hour later the phone rings. Apparently her teacher sent her to the nurse because she was coughing like Typhoid Mary (aside: I don't really know who Typhoid Mary is, but for as long as I can remember, whenever anyone had a real bad cough, my mother would say, "Oh, yeah, have you heard so-and-so's cough? There goes Typhoid Mary.") and now, less than an hour after the bus picked her up, I had to go fetch her from school.

So I get her home. Then I had to go up to the mall. I hate the mall, but I recently replaced my glasses and on Saturday night, I found a scratch in one of the lenses. And of course, it was right where I look through them and, of course, once I saw it, I couldn't not see it and it was driving me crazy and I needed to get it fixed and-**coughsputtergasp**

(Stops to take breath)

I also needed to get screen protectors for my cell. It's a Samsung Glyde (which I love!) and it has a touch screen, so I need to keep it covered with this plastic thing to keep it from getting scratched. I figured I'd do that while I was waiting for my glasses to be fixed. I had an hour to kill and the mall can be dangerous when I have to stay there for a set length. I ended up coming home with a new pair of Chuck Taylors in bright red (I wanted yellow, but they didn't have them. Maybe next time) and a bagful of ill-gotten gains from Bath & Bodyworks (I love that place!)

So even though it was really the last place I usually want to spend any time, it was productive and not too expensive (which is always good.) But I missed posting and that's too bad because I began working on a story I started last year and shelved because it just wasn't happening. I took it out Friday night because I had nothing better to really do, began reading through it, and BAM! I'm back into it, so I was going to blog about that. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

And now, it is time to get childrens to bed, and then I'll settle myself down for the season premier of Deadliest Catch. Oh, and Rescue Me is back and if last week's episode was any indication, this season is sooooo going to rock!


Mary B said...

Mary Mallon, AKA "Typhoid Mary" was a healthy carrier who infected oodles of people while insisting that she wasn't doing anything wrong. She was forcibly quarantined several times. Her job? A cook.



Your friendly PSA for the day.

Kim said...

Ahh... Thank you! =)

Note to self - google is your friend. ;p