Thursday, April 02, 2009


Well, I missed posting yesterday because I spent a good portion of the day getting my eyes checked and getting new glasses. I'm horrible about having my eyes examined because I don't like the glaucoma test (those drops are awful - they make everything yellow and make my eyes tired. Oh, and that poke has got to go) and basically, I just don't think of it. But then my old glasses were falling apart and I realized that I was squinting with them on, so it was time. And now, I have these cute new glasses and I can SEE (cue the Hallelujah music.)

But it also ate up a good part of my day, hence - no blog post.

So, I'm back to working writing-wise, plotting out a new story, doing some background research, that kind of stuff. It's not exactly boring, but if people who think writing is this glamorous job could see it, they wouldn't be so impressed by writers at all. It's a slow, sometimes tedious, job. Especially when you need to know a tiny, little detail, and it proves as elusive as anything.

But right now, I'm in the earliest of stages and taking my time. I'm also revising the second Montgomery book. And the follow up to Eden's Pass. That one's giving me a little more trouble because I think Diego and Gabby slept together too soon, but at the same time, it had to happen that early (which isn't really early for them, as they have a long, complicated past) to move the story ahead. So I have that to consider as well.

Things have also been busy around here - spring has finally arrived and my daffodils and jonquils are blooming. The trees are thisclose to blooming as well. And that means the Boy and the Girl want to be outside as much as possible. That means I am also out there with them. Plus, the Girl's leaving for Florida early next week to spend Spring Break with her grandparents, there are a lot of birthday parties she's been invited to, and just the general nuttiness that is Real Life.

And that's it for the last few days. Thank God it's almost the weekend. =)

Oh, and tonight is also the series finale of ER. The last few seasons have been pretty bad, but I've watched since Day One and I have to admit, I will miss it. Hopefully, they won't let me down with a schmaltzy, silly, stupid finale, but we'll see. After all, this is the same show that dropped a freakin' helicopter on one of my favorite characters...

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smsarber said...

I thought the last two seasons of ER were okay, I'm in love with Abbey, though. Don't worry, my wife knows! The finale was pretty good, IMO. I liked how it ended like any other day in the ER--chaos.