Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Week

And it's just gone by, without any new posts.

The only excuse I have is that I've been busily writing yet another first draft.

During NaNo last year, I learned that writing really does unleash the creativity and kicks the muse into high gear. Since November first, I've written three and a half books. The half is on hold for now, simply because I have way too many projects going as it is. I'm finding there really is such a thing as writing too much.

But it's a good thing because, while one project is on submission, I've got another one to keep me busy.

However... my muse isn't always so agreeable. When she decides I should be inspired, there is no shutting her up. I have to get that story out and that's it, end of discussion. Which, of course, is why I have three and half books (and that's not including the book I'm writing right now) taking up space - both on my computer, as well as in real life, as I can't edit unless it's in hard copy format.

And since my muse is screaming in my ear about getting back to Dance with the Devil, I suppose I should indulge her for now. I am going to make her take a vacation when I finish the first draft of Dance with the Devil. I only hope she listens...


Emily Ann Benedict said...

Oh, that muse is a pushy little thing. :P
Mine usually troubles me by coming up with new stories when I’m in the middle of another. (sigh)
I love your pictures, btw.

Marian said...

Okay, that is officially the funniest lolcat (or should it be lolfish) picture I've ever seen.