Sunday, July 12, 2009

Let's Do the Time Warp Again...

A time warp...

Yes, that's it.

That's the reason why I've not posted in over a week.


A time warp.

Oh, okay. No, that's not the reason. I don't have a reason, other than a lack of anything to really post about. There are only so many posts one can write about revising a manuscript, and that's pretty much what I've been doing all week.

The Boy started his summer program last week, so we're all back to being up early in the morning (his bus is here by a little after 8AM), I'm back to the gym (ouch) again, I'm revising two WIPs. One is a first revision, the other a second, so it's almost done. And that's that.

I'm doing a little research here and there, outlining yet another book in my head, and trying to get in the pool whenever possible. It's been a weird summer so far. It rained most of June, and now it's dry and sunny, but the last 5 days have actually been too cold to go swimming. No joke. It hasn't been about 75 degrees or so until today. We had the AC turned off all week and I woke up Thursday night because I wanted the blanket. I was cold. In July. Cold. How weird is that?

Needless to say, the pool's been a huge money suck as a result. We had to replace the filter pump (ouch), had to replace a gasket on another part of it, and have had to drain water out of it because of all the rain last month. The pump runs 10 hours a day, and since we've only been able to use it a handful of times, it's been running for nothing.

So, I'm kind of running out of things to post. Maybe it's time to go back and make up a new list of topics. I don't want to run repeats, and I'm afraid that's what's going to happen.

But right now, the sun is shining and it is actually hot enough to be in the pool, so maybe that's what I'll do. And maybe while I'm out there, floating in the water, I'll come up with some new topics. Or at least something interesting to write about. As always, suggestions are totally welcome!

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