Monday, October 12, 2009

Can You Tell it's Monday?

Poor Monday - the one day almost universally disliked. And this one's no exception.

First, I'm up at the crack of dawn (which sucks on the best of days, really, never mind on a Monday morning) and I wake my husband, who promptly growls at me to leave him alone. Apparently, he's caught the cold the kids have had (and mind you, it is only a cold), and that means the entire world is supposed to come to a screeching halt for him (the baby.)

I shower and dress and then I have to almost literally drag the Girl out of bed. She whines like a 2 year old about being tired, cold, cranky... you name it - she's whining about it this morning.

I get her into the shower and go downstairs to fix coffee (I cannot function without my morning joe. Not one little bit), put the heat on (I'll concede that to the Girl - it was cold in the house this morning. First time I've run the heat this year...) and figure I'll take the dog for a walk before the Girl comes out of the shower and wants breakfast.

I go past the coffeepot (coffee!!) and do a double-take. There's only about a cup in the pot, which has been brewing about 15 minutes by now. It should be done. This is not good.

So I pour it into my cup, stick the pot back under the filter-thingie and give it a little nudge to remind it that it's supposed to be filling the pot.

The dog's in the kitchen doorway, her entire body wagging because ohboyohboyohboy, we're goin' for a walk! ohboyohboyohboy, we're goin' for a walk! ohboyohboyohboy, we're goin' for a walk! ohboyohboyohboy, we're goin' for a walk! 


Nope. Sorry, pup. Not yet.

No more coffee is filling the pot.



So I doctor my coffee and take a sip to steel myself for the fact that I've probably got water all over my counter from the coffeemaker leaking or some other such nonsense that is happening far too early in the morning for my liking.

A sip---




I poured the coffee out and I swear, it retained the shape of the mug. I'm surprised it didn't dissolve the spoon - that's how strong it was.

And still no more in the pot.

Now the dog is practically dancing in the kitchen doorway -

gottapee. gottapee. gottapee. gottapee.

So I take the filter basket out. Take the filter (it's one of those gold filters) and wash the basket in case something's clogging it. Put it all back together, and hope for the best.





By now, the Girl's downstairs, head all wrapped in a towel so she doesn't drip all over the place. She's having a pop tart and reading a cereal box and just takin' it easy, even though she's only got about 10 minutes to dry her hair, brush it out, get her shoes on, and get the bus.

In a desperate bid for coffee (please, God, I need my coffee!!!!) I empty the coffeemaker, reset everything and try again. It splutters a little (yes, this is good, actually. It's the sound it makes right before it fills. yay!) and I make the Girl's lunch.

That's done and it's too late to take the dog for a walk before the bus. I'll take her to the bus stop with me and we'll walk from there.

By now, the dog's got her legs crossed and she's looking a little desperate.


like, NOW!

But now I've noticed the spluttering has stopped.

I look.

Damn it.

"damn it!"

Dog goes running off. Won't come near me now to let me put her harness on her. She's a weenie like that - one yell, and she thinks she's going to get it. I forgot how skittish she is with the raised voices (she's a rescue dog and we don't know anything about her life before she ended up with the rescue people.) and now, she won't come near me at all.


Okay. Now it's 8AM and the Girl's bus is due any moment. We leave the house (sans dog, who is hiding under the dining table with her legs crossed) and the Girl shivers and says, "It's COLD!"

She's not wearing a jacket.


I get her jacket and bring it out and we make it to the bus stop with moments to spare before the bus (which arrives at a different time every morning - just to keep it interesting, I guess) arrives.

Get her on the bus. Go back to finally walk the dog.

Dog still won't come near me.


Anyway, my husband finally coaxes her out and into her harness, we go for a walk, I go and get coffee (God bless the inventor of the Dunkin' Donuts) and because it's been such a blech morning, some Munchkins are in order as well. All then becomes right in my world.

Later on today, I'll go out and replace the @$^%!@^ coffeemaker.

It's going to be a long week.

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