Tuesday, February 09, 2010


We haz it.

A lot of it.

And more is coming.

A storm over the weekend dumped almost a foot on us. There's another storm due in late tonight/early tomorrow and the forecast for now is at least a foot. Possibly more.


I love snow. There have been so many winters where we get nothing more than a dusting, which just sucks because it's enough snow to bring out all the idiot drivers (you know - the ones who panic at the sight of a snowflake and refuse to do more than 25mph in the fast lane. They're the same ones who freak at the sight of a raindrop as well. Here's a hint - if you're that scared to drive in bad weather??? STAY HOME!!!)


Anyway, a dusting is enough to make things a total pain. There's no point to it. If it's going to snow, let it snow.

Not only does a good snowfall get the kids out of the house (and I'm pretty sure mine are the only ones who do go out and play in the snow. Is it just me, or do you never see kids playing outside any more???), but it gives me a chance to get some reading done, or some writing done, or whatever. So there's nothing like a good snow day, as far as I'm concerned. Besides, when school is canceled, Mom doesn't have to get up at the crack of dawn - so it's win-win all around, as far as I'm concerned.

Bring it on, Mother Nature.

I am ready.

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