Friday, March 05, 2010


When people find out I'm a writer there are two questions they almost always ask right off -

1. What do you write?

2. Are you published?

Now, though I'm never really comfortable talking about what I do (it just doesn't seem that fascinating to me as it does to other people. Not that I don't love what I do, or I'm not proud of it - I've just never understood why people are so fascinated by it) I don't mind answering either question. Just don't expect me to go into great detail about my own books. I'll talk up a storm about my favorite authors, but not about me. Sorry. :D

And when people find out I write romance, the first thing they usually ask is whether or not I base my characters on real people.

Yes and no.

In truth, I take traits from people I know, but I don't use the entire person. And no, my heroes are not based solely on my husband, either. Again, I use his traits (especially his sense of humor, because he is truly one of the funniest guys I know), but never the whole person.

But that doesn't mean my heroes aren't inspired by real people, either.

So, since I almost never put up mancandy - here you go - my inspiration of the moment:

Hugh Jackman

Really, what's not to be inspired by?

There are others - but they'll get their own posts. :D

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