Thursday, April 08, 2010


I haz them.

I just finished up edits for After the Storm and I'm just beginning edits on The Pursuit. Oy. It's funny, but when I get those first edits, I have to wonder how the heck I managed to sell the damn book in the first place. The red - it burns! But, my editors are good at what they do and they are right more often than not. As a result, each book is the best it can be, and that makes me happy. :D

But it keeps me busy. And of course, the muse showed up the other night just shouting her head off about this new idea she had for me and didn't I want to write at that moment?! She's so fickle, that damned muse. But since I'd be sunk without her, I gave her a cookie and wrote a few pages to make her happy. It seemed to work. Whew.

It's been a great couple of weeks, it's spring, it's getting warm (although, last night was awful. It's been 80+ degrees and sunny here all week. Perfect. But last night it was hot and sticky. I must have woken up half a dozen times from the stupid heat. At least that's gone today. Whew), my daffodils are blooming, I planted my spring flowers. Everything is as it should be.

Only a little crazier. 

And now, back to work.


Scarlett Parrish said...

Warm? Warm? What's that?

*shives in Scottish 'Springtime'*


Kim said...

It's chilly again now - but last week, it was in the 80s. Too hot for this time of year. I like it warm during the day and cool at night... :D