Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, A Few Thoughts!

Whoa... I was checking my email when a Google reminder popped up to let me know that my little blog is four years old. Egads... that's so hard to believe. Four years of rants and raves, ups and downs, good news and bad news...

Thanks to everyone who's read it - whether on a regular basis or a Oh, yeah, I haven't been on that blog in forever. Maybe she actually has something new posted basis. And many thanks to everyone who's taken the time to leave a comment (even if it wasn't the nicest of comments. :D)

Now, unfortunately, since I kind of **coughcough**forgot**coughcough** about this birthday, I don't have anything to celebrate it. However, I will. I promise. It will combine this and my upcoming Aspen Mountain Aurora Regency release, The Pursuit. Perhaps an ARC as a prize... I don't know yet. Either way, I will eventually have something (since The Pursuit doesn't come out until July... ugh... I should set that reminder for more than the day before. **facepalm** what was I  thinking??

And, as always, any contest suggestions (or prize suggestions) are always welcome!

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