Friday, November 19, 2010

Popping In...

Because yes, I am still alive. I think.

Final edits on Playing with Fire are done and turned in. It'll be out next Friday so look for it. Buy it early and buy it often! :)


I'm most of the way through final line edits for Tiger Eyes, so yay! I'm thisclose to being completely caught up on everything. Five books in less than six months is madness and I'll be glad when December rolls around. I'm taking the month off.

I'm also thisclose to finishing my NaNo project. It was supposed to be a western historical, but I scrapped that idea partway into the first week and decided to finish writing Aidrian's story. It's coming along nicely and I should finish it up sometime in the next two or three days. Yay!

Hopefully then I'll get around to regular (or at least semi-regular) blogging.



Maria Zannini said...

Oh my gosh, you're insane! Are there two of you? LOL.

Way to go!

Kim said...

Oh, it's been madness and I swear, I'll NEVER do it again. I'm just now getting back into my normal routine - catching up on blogs, and all that. I've missed life... :D

Ha - my word verification is words.