Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tiger Eyes is Coming!

I received a bit of an early Christmas gift last night, in my email inbox. My electronic copies of Tiger Eyes made their appearance, so I guess it really is going to be released on the 21st. The feeling of getting those copies never gets old, but I have to confess--there's a little more of a rush when the box of print copies arrives. With Eden's Pass, I forgot to let the Powers-That-Be over at Samhain know I'd moved (oops. How do you forget something like that???), so they went to my old address. Fortunately, the woman who bought our townhouse was kind enough to have her mother bring the carton to me. Unfortunately, the woman was a smoker and had the box in her car for about two weeks before she had the time to deliver them. It  took a long time for the smoky smell to dissipate. Blech. But still, she didn't have to bring them at all, so what's a little stinky at that point?

But still, it's a wonderful thing, to get that email file and unzip it. Yay!

So, there's just about two weeks until Christmas and I'm happy to say I am pretty much finished with all my shopping. Wrapping is another story, but the shopping is just about finished. This year, I actually had ideas for people, which is a switch from most years. And, I enjoyed shopping as well, which never happens for me. I'm not a shopper. I go, I get what I need, and I get the hell out of Dodge. But this year, it was a nice way to spend an afternoon. All I have left to get are stocking stuffers. Then I'm finished. My record for Christmas shopping? Two hours. I was nine months pregnant with my first child (The Girl, who'll be ten at the end of the month. How's that for poor planning???) and basically bought everyone the same thing, only in a different color. :-)

All that's left is to find out who all will be here on Christmas Day (originally I was supposed to be doing Christmas dinner, but now that's kind of up in the air.) I might end up doing Christmas Eve instead, which is fine, but people--you have to let me know.

And the wrapping. I hate the wrapping more than the shopping and I think there should be a law that all gifts must come in perfectly square, nicely solid, boxes. I suck at wrapping odd-shaped things. Really. I make a really lousy elf.

So what are your holiday plans?


Maria Zannini said...

I'm debating whether I should decorate, I'll be doing so much traveling this season.

Do you decorate?

Kim said...

I decorate anything that doesn't get out of my way fast enough. :D I think I get into the spirit of the season a little too much.

Janet Johnson said...

I hate wrapping presents, too. By the time I get a package wrapped it looks as if I took wrapping paper from the garbage can and wrapped the gift.