Friday, May 20, 2011

Rain, rain.... GO AWAY!


It's done nothing but rain in my little corner of the world.



Oh, look! Rain.

**rant alert** 

Seriously - we have not had a truly sunny day since May 12th. My backyard has inches of water standing on top of the grass. For some insane reason, our landscapers decided to try and mow the lawn. After 7 straight days of rain. WTF? Are they trying to ruin my yard??? Both my front and backyard now have stripes. I can't believe I actually have to tell the (supposed) professionals that, from now on, I do not want them anywhere near my lawn if it's rained in the last 48 hours (or nonstop for the last week.)

Of course, my plants are growing like crazy (except for my pot o'basil, which is pretty waterlogged. For some reason, the pot has no drainage. I'm hoping I can salvage some of the basil, but right now it's looking as if I'll have to plant fresh. Rats.) And the little sapling the Boy brought home from school on Earth Day? It's put out a separate branch and a bunch of leaves. Now, that may not sound like much, but this is the third sapling I've tried to grow. The first one was a little white pine that was doing very well until my landscapers (the same ones who didn't see anything wrong with trying to mow over-saturated grass) apparently can't tell the difference between a tree and a weed and cut it down. I coaxed it back to life, and on their next visit, the landscapers hacked it down again. It gave up after that.

As for the second sapling? The Boy's teacher forgot to put them in the kids' backpacks. She also forgot to keep the roots wet. I tried, but after about six weeks of it remaining a stick, I pulled it back out of the ground. Oh well.

But this one is doing well (I've got it staked so no one mistakes it for a weed.) My mint is growing like crazy. The parsley and sage are doing well. The rosemary is finally taking the hint an starting to poke up through the soil. My vincas are doing well, but the heavy rain (occasionally accompanied by end-of-the-world type winds) have decapitated the blooms. Fortunately, it looks like they're putting out new flowers, so all is not lost. And the entire woods behind my house is a stunning array of very vivid greens.

**end rant**

Now, in the spirit of trying desperately to remain glass-half-full, the sore muscle that's kept me from running (and walking like a normal person) for the last ten days? It's finally starting to feel better. I've missed running (I started in March, could barely do a quarter of a mile. Before I got hurt, I was up to two miles. Yay!), so I'm looking forward to getting back. For now, I do the same two miles on the elliptical machine, so hopefully I won't lose my endurance. I'm down almost 15 pounds (yay!) with ten more to go. I've actually had to go and buy new jeans because the old ones don't fit any more (yay!)

A Perfect Lady is chugging along. I'm still ticked with the characters, but payback is here and it's going to be fun to torture the daylights out of them . And I'll be here for Six-Sentence Sunday with another six from Rebecca and James. Want to know if she found her chemise? Want to know if she's caught with him and ruined forever? Well, tune in this Sunday...

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