Monday, May 09, 2011

Yes, I am Still Here

Clawing out from beneath the mountain of Real Life and Book-to-be-Written that has buried me for the last two weeks to remind everyone that yes, I am still alive and well and have great hopes of someday returning to the world of regular blogging.

At the moment, I hate A Perfect Lady. Hate it. Want to punch James and Rebecca in the face kind of hate it. So, I'm taking a few days to wrap up a few other projects. Then I'll go back and deal with those two. God help them if they don't behave. Seriously. I'd kill one of them off, except I need them.Gah!

I've also been thinking about the contest I was running. Since it seems as if there is no interest, I'm going to call it off. However, if anyone who commented is still interested, just drop me an email at kimberlynee AT gmail DOT com and let me know.

I'm so hopelessly behind in my blog-reading and commenting as well. And my Six-Sentences just haven't happened. I used to think it would be so awesome to be offered a contract based on a very loose outline. But I'm thinking that's not necessarily the case. I far prefer having a finished book to having to write the entire thing under such a tight deadline. I normally write well under pressure, but this has just been a bit too much, especially with everything else going on in Real Life. A Perfect Lady and the need to simply. Get. It. Written. is proving to be more pressure than I want or need right now. Maybe someday, when life calms a bit. But now? Not a good idea. I don't know how other writers do it.

So bear with me for a few more weeks - once this book is finished - and I will be back.

You have been warned. :-D

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Maria Zannini said...

I've always felt it's more important to write than blog.

Take the time you need. This way you'll have something to blog about. :)