Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shifting Gears


Yes. I'm blogging. Woo hoo!

Well, now don't get too excited, since every time I think (and say) I'm back, I go **poof** just as quickly.

So, let's just enjoy this while we can, 'mkay?

Anyway, first off, thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post. You have no idea how much it meant, reading your kind words. It helped me get through what's been undoubtedly the roughest few months of my life. My mother is doing a little better, but not much. Still, each day is a gift and that's how I have to look at it.

Things are starting to calm down a little. A Perfect Lady is off to my editor. I'm going through the print galleys for Tiger Eyes (**coughcough**available on Amazon for preorder. Order early. Order often**shamelessplug**coughcough**) and that's it. I'll have a clear schedule (until the edits for APL come in, that is) and I'm already plotting out two more books, and finishing the third Sebastiano book. Yay!

I'm taking a break from the Georgian/Regency era for a while. You Belong to Me, After the Storm, Devil in Disguise, The Pursuit, Playing with Fire, and A Perfect Lady are all set in those time periods and I'm a little burned out from it. For some time, I've wanted to write a western-set historical, which I did for NaNoWriMo, and I'm planning (hoping?) on finishing that sometime before the end of the year.

I'm looking forward to the change. I love the Georgian/Regency eras, but I don't know if I'll write any more books set in either time period. At least, not in the strictest sense of the words. I'm a strict believer in never-say-never, but right now, I have no plans to. I do have two WIPs that are nearly finished (as in submission ready) so while I may sub those somewhere, I have no plans to write anything new.

Change is good for the soul. Hopefully it'll be good for the stories, too. :D

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