Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well Hello There...

Good Lord, is it really almost October? Yikes. Bad blogger is bad and then some. I'm so far behind on reading blogs, never mind posting in my own.

So to catch up...

You might have noticed my Aspen Mountain Press books are no longer here, or on my website. Or anywhere else, for that matter. I no longer write for them. There are some serious issues with that publisher with non-payment of royalties (mine included), books being sold after the contracts on them expire, the owner dodging rights-reversion requests and basically vanishing from view. It's been a mess, really, and I feel for AMP authors who are still being held hostage over there. What the owner is doing is terrible and childish and frustrating and I hope those authors can get themselves freed as soon as possible. Check out the thread over at Absolute Write, especially the last few pages.

But I'm one of the fortunate ones. Musa Publishing bought out (and promptly released) the contracts of Aurora Regency and Aurora Regency Historicals imprints (Well, they bought the imprints themselves, as well.)

Have no fear, though. The Pursuit and Playing with Fire are back under contract with Musa and will be released in the near future under their Clio imprint.

Remember A Perfect Lady? Well, I'm thrilled to announce that it will be released in October from Musa, which is kicking off their launch next week. I'm so excited about working with this publisher, it isn't funny, and I should have shiny new cover art to show sometime this week.

I've also finished the first draft of Midnight Angel, and the (hopefully) final draft of To Dance with the Devil. That one will be going out later this week, or so I hope.

So that's it for now. I will be posting with a little more frequency as the clock ticks down to Musa's launch. I may even give away some books. I'll never tell. Well, okay, I will tell, but not yet. :D


AstonWest said...

Sorry to hear about all the troubles with AMP, but glad to hear you were rescued, and good luck with your new publisher!

Esther Mitchell said...

I know the feeling, Grace (you've heard me talk about it Aspen Mountain Press is holding my books hostage -- the contracts on two of them expired last year, and the third one expires in November. The first two books are STILL FOR SALE by Aspen Mountain Press, and I'm asking everyone to NOT buy these books... I've put up banners on my website, letting everyone know they're being sold illegally. I've sent letters and e-mails to Aspen Mountain Press' owner, demanding she stop selling these books, as she's in violation of Copyright Law by selling someone else's (ie mine) books without a valid contract. Still no reply. When her deadline for removal passes in a couple of weeks, I'm going to start pursuing legal action against Aspen Mountain Press and its owner, for theft of Intellectual Property.