Monday, February 27, 2012

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

That I'll be able to get out of bed tomorrow.

Once upon a time, I hit the gym 7 days a week. I did cardio. I lifted weights. I was fit! I was also childless, which made hitting the gym 7 days a week easy.

Well, fast forward two kids later. Up until this past December, I managed to still get to the gym a few days a week. I get cranky if I can't exercise. Yes, I'm one of those crazy people who actually likes to work out. Last year, I discovered I like to run (I always thought runners were even more mental then the rest of us gym rats. But there you have it.) I was up to three miles every other day when I pulled a hip flexor muscle last spring. Do you know how much that frickin' hurts? It took months to heal. Months, I tells ya. By the time I could run without pain, it was nearly September and I had to start all over again. By Thanksgiving, I was hitting almost 2 miles per workout.

But then the craziness of the holidays caught up and for reasons I won't go into, I ended up running like a lunatic. Time was at a premium, so the gym was the first thing to get sacrificed. I didn't give up my membership - I've belonged to the same gym since 1998 and won't ever give it up voluntarily. Ever. But that time was used for other stuff.

Well, I decided it's time to carve out that time again. And so I went back today. Ran half a mile. Did an hour with the weights. I tried to make sure I didn't push too hard. But my legs are already tight and I think I won't be able to lift my arms over my head tomorrow. Oh well. I don't care. I'm just happy to be back in the gym again.

But keep your fingers crossed that I can get out of bed in the morning. I am 40, you know... :D


Marian Perera said...

I'm childless and I can't imagine hitting the gym even one day a week, let alone all seven. Congratulations on your dedication. Hope it pays off.

Sadly, my idea of exercise (when the weather is good, of course) is to walk all the way to the local McDonalds. I was able to get away with that slothful regime when I was in my twenties, but middle age is creeping up and I think I shall have to walk a little further... and perhaps stop only for healthy snacks.

Kim said...

I liked going, because it's time completely to myself. And right now especially, that is at a premium.

Any exercise is good and stopping for healthy snacks only adds to the goodness! :D