Sunday, July 15, 2012


**happy dances**

Why am I happy dancing? Because Windemere is done. And by done, I mean, off to my editor to await the red pen of death (so to speak.) I am a free woman once more! Yay!

Okay, so I still have to turn in the cover art sheet, but the book itself is done. The rewrites (my rewrites, of course) are done. The pressure is off and I can sit back and veg tonight and not feel guilty because I should be working. It'll all start over again, of course, once the first edits come in (and those are the ones I dread the most, the ones that leave me thinking, "Wow, how on earth did I sell this crap?" The ones that make me think, "My editor must think I'm the worst writer evah!" and "She's probably wondering how on earth I sold this crap as well.")

Ah, the life of the writer. Or more appropriate, the life of the writer who signs the contract before writing the book. It's not nearly as nervewracking when I know the manuscript is written and rewritten and polished to the finest shine and goes out on submission. I far prefer the polished to a fine shine prior to subbing submission. But I'm also a glutton for punishment, soooo...

And now, I will take a little mini-vacation. Not long - just a few days - but it's a vacation that I have totally earned.

Windemere is finished! Yay! :D


Grace Wen said...

:happy dances with you: Go you!

Now the next question: are you ever going to sign a contract on an unfinished project *again*? ;)

Kim said...

Thank you!

Ugh, I don't know. I swore after 'A Perfect Lady' that I'd never contract an unwritten book and I ended up doing it anyway. I don't listen to me. I really should, though. :D