Sunday, July 01, 2012

Satan Called...

He wants his weather back.

I stole that from a photo someone posted on Facebook, and it fits perfectly with the beastly weather we've been having around here. I know it's summer, but it isn't supposed to be this hot and sticky until the end of the month, the beginning of August. The end of June/beginning of July? Too. Early. The thermometer in my car registered 103 degrees the other day. 103 degrees! Egads, what's that all about?

Our town did Fourth of July fireworks this past Friday and we sweated our way through them. By 9PM, the temperature had dropped, but you know it's freakin' hot when you think, "Hmm... it's only 95. That's not so bad." Because that's exactly what we were all saying as we sat there, waiting for the show. Despite the heat, it was so worth it. The kidlets love fireworks. I love fireworks. It was a nice (if albeit hot) way to spend a night as a family.

A few weeks ago, we took the kidlets to see the Somerset Patriots play. They're our local  Independent League pro team and they are awesome. I love going to the games because it's close to home and about 1/16th the costs of going to see a Major League game. I'd rather sit at TD Ballpark and watch the Patriots than slog all the way out to Yankee Stadium, sit in traffic, get all pissed off at the morons on the road (because we are littered with idiot drivers. You can tell who they are by the out of state license plates. Really, if you're in the left lane and driving 55MPH or less, by law I should be allowed to run your ass over. MOVE OVER!)

Now... where was I?

Right, the Somerset Patriots. So, we took the kidlets and it was the Boy's first pro baseball game. We were a little nervous about taking him, since he used to be very sensitive to sounds and overstimulated by crowds (gotta love ADHD) but we figured that since the tickets only cost $8, parking only costs $3, we'd wouldn't be out a ton of money if we had to leave early. (Eight dollars to see an awesome team, in a beautiful ballpark that doesn't have a bad seat? Perfect. You can't say that about any Major League ballpark/ball game. See why I like going??)

As it turned out, we worried for nothing. The Boy was a little antsy at first, but then he got into the game and all the family-oriented things they do between innings (I will confess to being disappointed that they didn't do the Dizzy Bat Race. That's always a riot to watch) and he had a great time. Every Friday night, after the game, they shoot off fireworks and the Boy adores fireworks. They go off to music, so he was up boogie-ing like a madman. It really was a great time.

And now, I'm diving into the last revisions for Windmere. I have to turn this book in to my editor by the 15th, so I probably won't be surfacing much before then (I know, huge shocker, right???) And that's only if I don't melt by then, due to this Hell-like heat wave. Yikes. How many days until autumn???


Maria Zannini said...

After searching for my dog for 12 solid hours, I will never enjoy fireworks again. They are evil.

I just wish I could convince my neighbors of that.

Kim said...

I like to go to the display that the township puts on, but there's this one guy in my neighborhood who lives to blow stuff up. Any excuse to set off a firecracker and he's all over it. My poor dog...