Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging - both writing my own posts and reading others. I have a blog list, but a lot of the people on it no longer seem to blog as often as they used to (gee, who does that sound like???) So, if anyone has any suggestions for interesting blogs (and they don't have to be writing-related, either,) let me know? Kthnxbai.

It's been a hectic few weeks in my house - since I got back into writing. I took quite a bit of time off, just to revise projects that had been sitting on my desk for months. I got tired of looking at the stacks of manuscripts, and the mess in general, and so I decided to tackle those. And, to be honest, I really just didn't have anything to write about. No plot bunnies appealed to me. For a while, I thought I might be done writing in general. I don't know if every writer hits that wall at one time or another, but when I hit it, and I thought I might be finished, I really didn't care very much, either. And that kind of surprised me, because I can't really remember any time when I didn't want to write.

That's when I figured taking some time off might be the best thing. No pressure. No stress. No deadlines.

Of course, it meant no new books and no new sales, either. But even that didn't really bother me.

Well, in that time, I redid my kids' bathroom, took care of some other things in my personal life that needed dealing with, heard back on some outstanding submissions (good news and bad news) and then, wouldn't you know it? Last week, I actually had the urge to write. The story that was nagging me was one I'd begun in February - the next Sebastiano book. The story had stalled about halfway through, so I'd put it aside to work on something else.

I picked it up last week, edited what I'd written and you know what? I knew how the story needed to go. Since last Wednesday, I've written nearly 40k words. Woot! I'm hoping to finish this book up sometime later this week (or if real life sees otherwise, early next week.) And from there? I plan on diving into my next project (just not sure if it'll be my long-dreamed-of-writing cowboy book or something else.) With any luck, creativity will breed creativity. :D


heavy hedonist said...

That happens to me all the time-- put myself into another creative stream entirely, and it frees up the objectivity towards writing. I think of it as cross-training for creative.

Congrats on a boffo word count!

Kim said...
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Kim said...

I hope it works. It was a pretty depressing feeling, not caring whether or not I wrote any more books.

Thanks - I love when the story begins to write itself!