Friday, May 05, 2006


Friday night - the Yankees are on and winning - kids are in bed....

Life's pretty good right now.

The soreness is just about gone - which is beyond good. I never knew how many muscles could hurt until this past week. I'm sure those same muscles must've hurt before, since I took almost year off from working out after my daughter was born. Funny thing about certain pain - you tend to forget just how much it @%%#%# hurt! Other pain stays with you - gym pain's not one of them I guess.

Really need to get back to the Vikings - but that's what Saturday nights are for these days. Not that I mind. I have two kids, where the hell am I going on any Saturday night? I get out once in a while - two weeks ago I went out to dinner. Thai food - delicious and I highly recommend it - and I figure it'll be about six months before I get to go out to dinner again, which means six months before I eat a hot meal again. That always reminds me of A Christmas Story - you know - "My mother hadn't had a hot meal for herself in fifteen years" . That is sooooo true. I figure it'll be about fifteen more years, but when it happens - look out! And it won't be macaroni and cheese, I can promise you that.

OK - that about wraps it up for tonight. I have laundry waiting for me. All those people who think being a writer is so glamorous ought to see me folding the sheets and sorting the darks and lights - don't get much better than that, baby!

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