Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Still a little sore

It's Wednesday now and I'm just about fully recovered from the return-to-the-gym soreness - just about, mind you. Not fully. Of course, I felt well enough to go back to the gym (what the hell was I thinking??? - no, actually, I'm glad I went. Some day I'll be able to feel my legs again.)

I actually like going to the gym. Yep - one of those crazy people who likes to work out. I wasn't always chubby, you know. But then my hubby and I decided it would be a good idea to have a second baby last year and you know how that goes.... kiss the size 2s goodbye. I still have them and (God willing) I will fit into them soon. Keep your fingers crossed on that. I know I am! Of course, I'm not really complaining. I'd rather have my baby boy over a pair of size two jeans any day.

But I do like the gym - two hours completely to myself. I plug in the iPod, tune out everyone around me and let 'er rip. No one bothers me, I don't have to answer to Mommy... no one needs me to do anything for them. It's two hours of sheer heaven. And once I work all this muscle inactivity stiffness out, I'll really mean that! Ten pounds to go... It's not gonna be easy...

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