Saturday, April 29, 2006

Just Wasting Time

Here it is - Saturday night and I should be working (rewriting a draft having to do with pirates) and taking a break from the Vikings. Only instead of researching Vikings or rewriting pirates, I'm surfin' the net and listening to some of the worst 80s music ever recorded. Every so often, they play a song that makes me stop and go back in time, but usually it's a case of 'an entire decade and this is the best song they could come up with?'

Still having computer issues - sometimes it's real hard to believe these things make our lives easier. Seems like just the opposite lately. Waiting on a few submissions. Waiting a looooong time on a few and that drives me nuts. I hate waiting to begin with, but when it takes three or four onths beyond the norm - ugh. That's holding me up from submitting elsewhere. It's a slow enough process to begin with, but this is ridiculous. I've been waiting almost eight months on one.

Decided to get my chubby self back to the gym. I've missed it - but now I'm chubby AND sore. Not a good combo. That's ok, tho. Tomorrow's hubby's turn to get up early with the kids and mommy gets to sleep. :) Can't really complain about being sore, I guess. It'll all pay off in the long run when the pooch is gone. Can't wait for that! And I keep telling myself it won't take THAT long - have to keep motivated somehow. But it's really not that difficult. I do enjoy my gym time - 2 hours completely to myself. I even leave the cell phone in the car. No one can bother me and that's just fine with me!

Ok - should get back to the Vikings, if nothing else. The books are due back at the library in about three days.

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