Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday Night

It's Saturday night and I'm holed up in my office, listening to 80s music (ah... takes me back to the day!), and working on my latest book. A few weeks ago, it was Vikings (which had to be shelved for now because I've got waaaay too much going on), but tonight it's pirates. Ahhh... gotta love the pirates...

Very busy few weeks coming up. First of all, it's summer and that means one thing - the shore. Woohoo... so looking forward to getting down there and just relaxing. Of course, that usually means dragging the laptop, half a dozen manila folders stuffed with notes, and one or two drafts of something to work on, but I don't mind. Somehow, it doesn't really feel like work when I can hear the waves washing up on the beach and smell the salt and suntan lotion in the air... gotta love it.

However, summer won't officially start until the end of the month - when my daughter finishes up with her postexposure shots. The boosters are no worse than a regular vaccination, and she totally impresses me with her stoicism. One tough kid. Okay then, explain to me why she screams like a banshee when she trips over one of her own toys???

But once that's all behind us - look out... I do have a lot going on, but it's all writing related and so not really work. I should be getting the cover for my January release, not to mention doing the editing on that manuscript. And then there is the pirate book I'm writing right now. And then there's the category that's in its first draft editing. Maybe then I'll tackle those Vikings (hee hee).

It's so weird to think that by the time summer really starts for me, it'll be into July. Ugh... I just know this summer's going to fly by. And then school will start (a little freedom for me!), and gymnastics and everything else that we put on hold for the summer.

I really should get back to work... this is how it all piles up. I guess that's what the night time hours are for. Kids are in bed. Hubby's got a creepy icky movie in the DVD player. It's Me time. Sometimes it's my favorite time of the day. Not always 'cause sometimes my muse is real stubborn and no amount of kicking or bribery brings out the creativity. And then there is this - not to mention the internet in general. I can go out there to look something up and return three days later without my info, but knowing that Brad and Angelina have chosen Jen and Vince to be Shiloh's godparents. And believe me, it scares the crap out of me that I even know what I'm talking about with that!!!

OK - back to the pirates. I need to get this finished up and in the mail soon! Besides, I'm getting totally sick of looking at it. The Vikings are looking better and better each day!

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