Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August Already???

Where has the summer gone? It's August and I haven't even gotten down the shore yet. Argh! Somebody needs to slow time down just a wee bit!

It is baking here right now - earlier, the heat index was about 111 degrees out. What is up with THAT??? And tomorrow's supposed to be worse. I think they're calling for the hottest day in the history of hotness - well, since they've started keeping track of stuff like that anyway. Thank God for the AC, is all I can say. Keep your fingers crossed that our power grid doesn't get overloaded. Of course, if it does, then I pack up the kids, board the dog, leave DH a note and head down to the shore to visit my in-laws.

Down the shore. That's so New Jersey. Does any other state with a coastline say that, or is it strictly a Jersey thing? You know, like How ya doin'? and Ya gotta problem wi' that? A few months ago, the state ran a contest to pick a motto (I got yer motto right here!) and my favorite was New Jersey - You gotta problem wi' that. Sums us up perfectly. My second favorite was New Jersey, only half the state smells funky. (That would be the Linden half, I assume. My father used to live there and I hated going there because the air was all funkified by the refineries. Ick!) Either way, neither slogan won and the one that did? (Don't ask me what it was cuz I don't have a clue) apparently Maryland liked it as well. Only they liked it before we did. Sooooo... back to the drawing board again. I don't know what's going on with it now and I don't really care much. We had the world's only gay governor - does it REALLY matter what our freakin' slogan is????

Ah, it's not such a bad place. Expensive, crowded, and expensive, maybe - but hey - it's home!

Well, I'm still up to my eyes in contest entries. And rewriting. And writing. Oy... Guess I should be doing that instead of doing this but even I need a little R&R sometimes.

Still no word on my manuscript. Keep all appendages crossed.


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