Monday, July 31, 2006

My New Cover

Oh, I am sooo excited! The cover for my newest book is done and I absolutely love it! I'll have a picture of it up on my website soon - I just have to get all of the updates to my webmaster. He'll be thrilled - I have about three pages of updates and things I'd like to change. I can't see doing them one at a time. No sir - too easy. The man is going to earn his money! Ha ha... only kidding, Rob. You already do a great job and I sing your praises to any and all who will listen.

So the new book will be out in January - pretty cool. I'm still waiting to hear back on my newest submission - which is another Kennedy family novel. I've got something of a series going on here and I hope everyone enjoys reading them. God knows I certainly enjoyed writing them! I'll post an excerpt on my website and anyone with comments (good and bad) ya'll just drop me a line at I'll look forward to reading them. At least, I hope I will.

So, that's it in a nutshell. I'm judging an unpubbed contest, so a lot of my free time is claimed for now. Between that, the rewrites and editing, and the back-and-forth on my newest cover, I'm going a little crazy. That and I came down with the mother of all colds this weekend. Still, I don't mind. I judge this contest every year and I love doing it. I entered it every year before I got The Call and I always said if I can give anyone the feedback that helped me, I'd be more than glad to do it. And I will for as long as I can. My local chapter has been phenominal in helping me learn the ropes and get published and if I can pass that on to someone else, I am there. A little corny? Sure. But absolutely true.

So, when I get those updates to my site, I'll post about it. Until then...

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