Sunday, September 17, 2006

Eli Rocks!

Whew! Today's game (Giants vs Eagles) was not good for any Giants fan with a heart condition because they really toyed with us today.

I'm taking a break from my usual ramblings to talk sports for a change. My Yanks are running away with the AL East (keep your fingers crossed on that) and their magic number is now 4. It's hard to believe baseball season's just about over. I usually go into a funk from the last game of the World Series until February, when training camp opens. Well, sort of a funk. Baseball's my sport, but I love football almost as much, so it eases that funk. :)

Speaking of football...

How about dem Giants???!!! It was a real nail-biter for anyone rooting for Big Blue. And I was so glad to see them win. Last week's game was so close - it was almost criminal to see the Giants lose. Although, I have to admit, the whole Manning vs Manning thing was just a little overhyped. I don't know - it's just a little silly to me, that they made such a huge buildup over the first game of the seaon. At least it was a good game to watch - that's really what's important. (Yeah, I don't say that when the Giants win, because I know the win is what really matters - nudge, nudge...wink,wink.. say no more.)

Speaking of Mannings, is it just me or is Eli just absolutely adorable? He is just too cute. And he's got that whole Southern-boy thing going for him - too cute by half. Last week, my other half asked me if I wanted to go to any games this season (I usually only go to Giants Stadium up until the end of October. Any later and it's just too damn cold!!) and I said, 'Are you kidding?' I don't think I'd mind the cold so much... hee hee... Yeah, it's silly, but who cares? He's cute and that's that.

Well, it's Sunday night and that means laundry - which I have by the basketful (see why I need an escape like a crush on a totally unattainable NFL QB???), and the Yanks are playing the Sox (Red, not White - boo, hiss...). I've been thinking about trying to do daily updates, but I don't know that I'll actually be able to keep up with it. And besides, there isn't always something to talk about... no, that's not true. I can usually find a soapbox for just about anything. Still, I'd rather leave politics and the like to other blogs. I'm not interested in preaching.

Ah, well... we'll see...

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