Monday, October 16, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different...

I hope I don't get into trouble over that - I love Monty Python. Thank God for BBC America, because I get to watch The Flying Circus every now and again. For my birthday a few years back, my better half got me the anniversary edition of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (one of the funniest movies EVER!) and under For the Hearing Impaired section, when you click on it, the volume gets louder. How funny is that?

Anyhow - there isn't a whole lot to report this week. Not much new. Still working on the partial - I won a drawing to have a real live editor look it over and get some feedback on it before I submit, so that's a hooray for me. It's weird, because I never win anything. In fact, the last thing I won was a banker's lamp. For those of you who are saying, What the heck is that? Let me tell you - go into a bank and look at the lamps on the tables where you fill out deposit slips, etc. Or the loan people's desks. Those short lamps with the ugly green glass shades? That's a banker's lamp. And I have one, lucky me.

There isn't much else. My web site's kind of a mess. My web guy got fired and hasn't been replaced yet, so my guest book is filled with all kinds of spam. Great. I apologize to anyone who's been there and seen all the porn and viagra spam. It sucks, but there's nothing I can do about it. Someone is working on it, so hopefully the problem will be resolved real soon. I didn't want the stupid guest book in the first place, but my web guy (did I mention he's my former web guy?) told me it was better than a counter, which is what I originally wanted. I didn't think I wanted a guest book. Turns out I was right. Oh well. What can you do? It's not the end of my world.

Ah well... back to work.

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Sarah said...

I actually like that color green, but the lamp not so much. I always feel like I have to hunch over to be able to see using those lamps.