Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Wow - I can't believe Halloween's here already. It's my second favorite holiday (right behind Christmas, go figure!) We're all set - costumes ready to go. Bring on the trick or treatin'!

Anyhow, everything's going along okay. My January release has been moved up to December, so I am a little crazy with the editing and all - a few scenes had to be rewritten, but I work best under pressure, so that's good.

Things have been interesting over in Miss Snark's part of the world. It's been all over about scamming literary agents (you know who you are). I love Miss Snark's blog for that reason. I've also found a few other great blogs as a result. Little by little, I post up the links, for anyone who happens to wander here.

Working on a submission for Kensington as well. And I have a new WIP (no pirates this time, thank God! I'm sooo freakin' sick of pirates!!!) so I'm keeping myself busy. I think I'm coming down with a cold as well, but so what else is new? My daughter's in school full time now - she's bringing home everything but the kitchen sink. Last Halloween, we took the kids out (my son was only a few weeks old, so needless to say, he wasn't out long!) I came back with the baby around 8, fell asleep on the sofa, woke up at 11 (I know this because Tucker Carlson was on and I never miss him - at least I didn't then. Now, he's on at 4 and 6 and I don't always get to watch him, But I digress...) Now, where was I?

Right! I woke at 11 with a sore throat. And I was sick until March. I swear to God, I was sick until Easter. At one point I lost my voice for a week, which was really weird. It's a strange thing - opening your mouth and talking, only no sound emerges. Too weird by half. I don't think my other half minded so much - and neither did my daughter. No voice meant Mommy couldn't yell. Of course laryngitis didn't affect Mommy's aim - hee hee. Just kidding. I didn't throw anything at her.

OK - I need coffee. We're doing dinner, trick or treating, and then in front of the laptop to get back to my WIP. I'm hoping to have the rough draft done by Thanksgiving. My plan is to submit just after the new year. Now that my January book is a December book, I don't have anything coming out in '07. Hopefully, I'll be able to change that.

Happy Halloween!

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