Wednesday, November 15, 2006


It's been a while since my last post. I don't know why it takes me so long... oh, wait... I do know why.

I think the plague has hit my house.

Not the plague, mind you... not the one that wiped out half of Europe.

The one a school-aged kid brings home and spreads throughout half your household instead.

We'll all been sick. And it's really sucked. My daughter started it, gave it to my son, who gave it to me. I gave it to DH.

Oh, but it gets better....

DH comes home feeling like hell and looking worse. At five PM I say, 'Why don't you go lay down for a while?'

I don't see him again until 5AM the next morning.


What the @$%!?

This started around the fifth.

I'm still blowing my ##$^&$@ nose.

My son's still stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.

My daughter woke me up at 4 AM on the 10th because her ear hurt. Six hours later, I'm at the CVS to fill her prescription for amoxicillan because she has an ear infection.

And he's better in 12 freakin' hours???? In what way is this at all fair? And to top things off, my son kept me up all night two nights ago because he was cutting a tooth. When I finally get to sleep (6am) my other half is going to start snoring like a buzzsaw! Argh...

Oy - anyhow, that's only part of the reason.

I've been working like mad on my submission package for Kensington (hooray!), edits for my upcoming release, a new WIP (no pirates whatsoever!). Why is it everything seems to be due at once and that's when inspiration strikes? I'm also doing an article for my local RWA chapter newsletter, so I've been a wee bit chicken-without-it's-head like the past week or so. But I don't mind. I like keeping busy. I stay out of trouble that way.

Well, dinner won't cook itself, so I have to drag my carcass into the kitchen - which isn't so bad. I actually love to cook, so it's not really work.

Oh - and tonight's Wednesday, which means Ghost Hunters is on. I'm such a reality-type tv nerd any more it isn't funny. Ghost Hunters, Mythbusters, Survivor... Hmm.. are there any others? OK, maybe I'm not such a reality-nerd. But I am hooked on these three...

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